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In love with ruby crate

My daughter is turning 11 and I got her one for her birthday. She is in love with all the items she got! I’m so happy with the personalized service we received and the box had so many nice things! I’m so happy I will definitely order another one for her younger sister for her birthday!

Loved it!

We ordered the Birthday Ruby Crate for our daughter’s 12th birthday. Andie loved it. She was so excited to open her crate. She took her time to look over each of her treasures.
Also Heidi and her Team were amazing. They were in contact with me the whole time. I knew when her crate was coming and when it was here at the post office waiting for me.
Amazing customer service. Thank you. Looks like we will be ordering the year round crates ❤️ Great job Ruby Crate.

She loved it

Year-long subscription

The perfect gift for my teenage niece! She was so excited to get her first box. Such a great gift idea and product to look forward to every few months.

Excellent customer service

Ordered a birthday crate late due to my own procrastinating and they made sure to ship it out the next day. My 13 year old niece loved the package, will definitely recommend or order again!


My girls have loved the creativity with each crate received! A beautiful selection of gifts to open and enjoy, just for them! They look forward to another surprise this Spring at our door.


My daughter just LOVED her Ruby Crate! When I told her she would get one every 3 months for a year, she squealed with delight. She loved everything in it. Thanks for putting together something that checks off all the boxes for a young girl. I’ve already told a few friends and they love it for their girls.

So much fun!!

My 10 year old daughter just loves the Ruby Crate! It’s so exciting each time it arrives. The items are fun and useful. Her favourite items so far have been the cookies, the face mask, the lights and the hair scrunchies. Looking forward to the next box!

Birthday Crate - Loved!

I ordered a Birthday Crate for my daughters 10th birthday and she absolutely LOVED it! Her favourite item was the chunky knit hat of course in her favourite colour. She really loved how everything was something she can use or is interested in. She asked if she gets one every month! Also the communication and service from Heidi was fabulous!

Awesome gift!

Our niece was so pleased with her Ruby crate! She loved all the little pieces and we loved that she got some cool 12 year old girl things! Also, the service was fabulous and very personal! Thank you.

Can't wait for my next Ruby Crate!

I received my second Ruby Crate for Christmas and I was so excited to open it! My favourite thing inside was the eyeshadow, it was so sparkly and pretty. I also loved the hot cocoa shaped like a reindeer. I look forward to my next Ruby Crate arrival.


Opening the box was really fun to see all the products inside it. Everything in there was so useful, the face masks, makeup, stickers, jewelry, and so much more. I would definitely recommend buying a ruby crate!

Fabulous idea!

My 13 daughter loves her Ruby Crate Subscription. Every item has been perfectly suited to her and she loves the surprise factor that every crate offers. A Ruby Crate designed especially for you is a fantastic gift idea that can be enjoyed all year long!

We loved our Ruby Crate

We really enjoyed opening our Ruby Crate. The items we received were fun and super cute. We are excited to receive our next one.

So many fun things!

My daughter who is 8 has been thrilled to receive both of her Ruby Crates. She loves that something comes to the door, made especially for her. She feels very grown up and has particularly loved using the bullet journal, wearing the cozy socks, eating the yummy cookies, and using her metal straw. Thanks Ruby Crate for all the hard work you put into making each crate so special .

Abby Loves her Ruby Crate!

My 12 year old daughter is always thrilled to get her Ruby Crate! She’s received 2 so far and each one is so adorably appropriate for this age group. Each time she’s so excited to ‘unbox’ her treasure. Twinkle lights, scrunchies, cookies, a special journal and lip gloss all have been highlights. It’s the fun of receiving something in the mail, on a regular basis that is thrilling and so special. Thank you so much!

Fantastic Gift!

My 7 year old daughter was so excited to receive a Ruby Crate subscription this Christmas. It was the perfect gift to give! The crates are beautifully curated with so many incredible treasures. She loved getting to try out all of the items inside. She can't wait to receive her next crate!

Perfect gift

My 11 year old daughter received her first box for Christmas and loved it. The items were perfect for her age group and you could tell were very carefully chosen. It is also really nice to know that items were sourced from local business.

Great gift idea!

My 10 year old daughter received her first Ruby crate for Christmas. She absolutely loved it! I was very impressed with the items that were in the box. You can tell they took the time to choose items that were appropriate for the age group. My daughter is excited to receive her next Ruby crate!

So fun & age appropriate!

My seven year old daughter has wanted a subscription box for a while. It’s been difficult to find a box that is age appropriate for her but that also has variety. She loved opening her Ruby Crate on Christmas morning! She keeps asking when her next box will arrive! I also love that it is a local small business.

Loved it!

Nothing quite like seeing your daughter’s face light up on Christmas morning when she unwraps her Ruby Crate! She loved it and was ecstatic to hear that there are more coming during the year. It made her feel very special and grown up, very important for my 10 year old!

Double Crate

I got my two girls, ages 7 and 11 a double crate to share for Christmas. I was extremely happy to see that both girls loved the many surprises inside. Both girls absolutely loved the lip glosses that they received. While mom was so grateful for them to get a beautiful winter knit hat that they both love to wear. As a mom of two girls I love the fact that I can purchase one double box, that will accommodate both girls at a discounted price.


Ruby Crate has been such a wonderful experience! I love trying out new products and learning about some new local businesses.


This is a one of a kind box, since it it geared towards young teenage girls. The contents of each box has changed depending on seasons. This box encourages me to try the new products. I am always excited to open up my ruby crate, to see what’s inside. I also enjoy the fact that they include a recipe card with each box, because I like to explore baking and cooking. I would 100% recommend the ruby crate, to anyone who is young a teen/tween, because it an age appropriate box.

I Love my Ruby Crate!

I absolutely love Ruby Crate! Every season a box gets delivered to me and carries loads of gifts! My favourite was a pura vida bracelet. So awesome.