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Campus Ruby Crate
Judy Wayland
Five Star!!!!!

My granddaughters absolutely loved their Campus Crates! Thanks so much.

My daughter loved it!

My daughter had so much fun unboxing her crate! She has requested to get the fall one now lol

Fun for mu daughter!

This was my first time ordering a Ruby Crate. My daughter loved all of the products!! There was a great variety and it was very well put together and delivery was great. I would definitely order one again.

My granddaughter loved it

My 13 year granddaughter just loved her summer crate. She could not believe that there was so much stuff! Everything in the crate are items that she will be using . All of the items are age appropriate.
Thank you for being mindful of her allergy.


It was full of stuff my daughter loved and it was fun to see what she got!

Single Ruby Crate (Summer 2023)

Campus Ruby Crate
Brooke Grill
First time not last

This was our first crates and they were great!

Single Ruby Crate (Summer 2023)

Birthday Ruby Crate
Marcia Pilipishen
Sweet 16

Once again, my granddaughter loved the crate and all that was in it. Her 3 yr old niece was pretty excited about it too!

Birthday Ruby Crate
Erin Douglas

My Granddaughter loved everything the box. There was so much packed into the box. She was so excited and could not believe she got a personalized birthday card in it. This might become a tradition.

Campus Ruby Crate
Cheryl Stabler
Off to university

She loved it

Birthday Ruby Crate
Adalynn Hazen
Birthday Crate

Granddaughter was very happy with each item she pulled out of the box! Would definitely purchase another one for her:)

Birthday Ruby Crate
Anita Watamanuk
Ruby Crate birthday box

My daughter loved the items within the crate!

So fun!!!

My teens loved all the products. They were very excited to get the package. It was like having a mini-Christmas:)

Birthday Ruby Crate
Christina Dunn
Exciting to open

From my 10 year old daughter:
It was very exciting to open. There is a good mix of stuff.

Emily’s Year -Long Birthday Gift

I bought this crate as a birthday gift for my granddaughter. She was so excited when she received the first box. She loved everything in it !! It made her feel so grown up. Thank you so much for the care and attention you put into picking the items that go into each crate. And I love when someone else thinks of different gift ideas.

2 yr member

Will keep ordering these for my daughter! She started getting them when she was 10 and I’ll continue gifting them to her. I love that there is a box for younger kids and one for teens❤️


The girls loved all the items. It was perfect for their ages

Birthday Crate

Paityn loved her Birthday Crate, I had to take the essential oils out because they were very strong and the scent took over the entire box. Marisa

Great product.

My 11 year old granddaughter loved her birthday box!

Birthday Ruby Crate
Darleen McDougall
Birthday Crate

I had seen this company on Marilyn Denis and decided to try the birthday crate for my 14 year old granddaughter. I did not know what to expect. It was definitely a hit. My granddaughter was thrilled with her ruby crate. She loved all the treasures she received. She tells me how perfect it was for her and how much she loves what was in it.


My 11 year old niece loved her Box so much at Christmas she asked for one more for her birthday 🙂

A great gift

I bought this gift for my 10 yr old granddaughter and watched while she opened the gift box.
Her eyes lit up and as she pulled out the hat and bag her smile got bigger and bigger.
She hugged the box and smiled with excitement as she thanked me and said oh Nana I love it. ❤️

Perfect Christmas Gift

We purchased a year subscription for my daughter as her Christmas gift. She absolutely loved the contents. They were all unique items and great quality. I appreciated that it arrived all wrapped and ready to be put under the tree. Sammy can't wait for the next delivery. Bonus: I also plan on using some of the items:) 5 stars for Ruby Crate!

Loved the Santa gummy bear wrapping and so did my granddaughter.